On a very painful day in April of 2011 my husband called Everybody's Health and made a last minute appointment on a Saturday afternoon (Dr. Berring stayed late to see me as a new patient that day) which was my first time in the office on Snider. I had mixed feelings about chiropractors and had seen others in the past that had not built my faith in the healing power of chiropractic care. Dr. Berring and the staff at Everybody's Health have taught me that chiropractic is not something for just when you are in pain but it is a way to improve my health and make my daily life better. I have gone through ups and downs with my back, I was misdiagnosed when in high school as having a shorter right leg and have had lower back pain due to herniated disc for most of my adult life and have received stellar support form those at Everybody's Health. In the time I have been a patient at Everybody's Health I have been the most active in my adult life as I know that my injuries do not have to mean constant daily pain.

Dr. Berring while working with me identified that I am among the 80% of people out there with one limb that is longer or shorter that the other and has been able to stabilize my hip and reduce the tension in my lower back by giving me a heal lift which has really changed a lot for me by reducing my pain and allowing me to experience less pain while active or exercising.

I appreciate the staff and the doctors at Everybody's Health, they are compassionate (always willing to stay late or fit me in), caring (always helping their patients) and have made a change in my life for the better.

-Tiffany S.

Dr. Berring has a focus that has surpassed previous chiropractors from whom I have been treated. His approach to his practice is more than just care after an accident. Trust me, a chiropractor was the last person I thought would treat my carpal tunnel issues. Turns out that pinched nerves in the neck and shoulders along with a few adjustments to my hands were a significant culprit in the situation. No narcotics! No expensive contraptions! Ice, Ice, and Ice. Thank God my refrigerator makes lots of Ice. Thank to Dr. B and his entire staff.

- Debbie

I'm not an advocate for medicating pain unless absolutely necessary and I'm also very reluctant to use prescription drugs. Despite my apprehension a few months ago I found myself in need of immediate pain relief due to a back injury. The pain was so debilitating I did not know if a visit to Everybodys Heath could bring me relief or if I needed to seek medication, possibly even surgery. When I met Dr. Berring he ask me some general questions about the injury and pain and then began immediately applying pressure to specific areas. Although the process included some uncomfortable pressure the adjustment brought much needed relief. Within a couple of weeks I was back out on the basketball court with my son.