What’s News in Everybody’s Health

In our last issue of What’s News in Everybody’s Health, we discussed recent evidence that suggests the decline of testosterone levels in men and possibly women may not be all natural. How does this correlate with overall male and possibly female health? A recent paper in which researchers from the University of Michigan was reported in Scientific Reports. They looked at 2161 men age 20 and older that were broken into three groups, young 20- 39.9 years, middle aged 40- 59.9 years, and older 60 and above. The results across all age groups revealed that having two or more chronic diseases was more common in men with low total testosterone. A 2015 article from Aging Male states that men with low testosterone are more likely to have decreased bone mineral density, decreased lean body mass, and greater likelihood of both metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. As far as younger males, they will have a longer period to develop these chronic diseases. In addition, with following testosterone levels decrease sperm counts and increase testicular cancer, the chances of father and a child decreases.
The studies were not certain of the cause of testosterone dropping but try to in for one cars the other. In the next and final issue of the series, I will put forth the following testosterone is a chronic disease and they all have a common origin. In the meantime check check your carotenoid levels by the noninvasive scanner at Everybody’s Health 513-390-0778 today


What’s News in Everybody’s Health

The Brewing Storm of our Younger American Males and Their Prospects of Having a Family

I was doing some research on hormones recently when I came across some interesting article titles. “ Men in name only”, “ Sperm counts in the West plunge”, “The Mystery of Declining Testosterone”. When I took my hormone training in 2006 to 2007, we were taught that men and women had a “natural “ decline of about 1.5% Per year starting around age 25 to 30. These articles peaked my interest because what they were suggesting was something over and above normal. So I decided to take a look.
A 2007 article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that a male age 65 in 2004 had a 17% lower level then a 65-year-old male in 1987. This would be over and above any natural loss with age otherwise they should be about the same. In 2010, an article in the Naked Science Forum stated that male testosterone levels have been decreasing significantly over the past 60 years. Studies in the 1940s showed the average testosterone level to be at 700 ng/dL, 300 ng/dL higher than for men today. In addition, a 2017 article states that sperm counts have plunged nearly 60% in 40 years among men living in the west. The same trend is not seen in other parts of the world I.e. South America, Africa, Asia. In northern Europe, more than 15% of young men had sperm count low enough to impair their fertility. Falling testosterone level is not just an older man’s problem. A study published in 2020 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed a shocking decline in the levels of young American men. The authors tested total testosterone in 4045 men age between 15 and 39. Controlling for confounding factors they found the levels have declined by over 25% over the last two decades.
Next time we will discuss how this relates to other chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and other inflammatory diseases. In the meantime, make sure you get your carotenoids scan done. Call Everybody’s Health at 513-390-0778 today.


What’s News in Everybody’s Health

In the last issue of WNEH, we started discussing some of the sources of free radicals that may invade our bodies. Most of these were external in origin. Things such as UV light, pollution, EMR, chemicals in our food, or cleaning products and personal care products. As if this wasn’t enough, we also have to look at the effect of stress on the production of intracellular free radicals. You must consider both physical and emotional stress. Both forms of stress increase the circulating level of cortisol. This intern has a significant impact on the intracellular levels of free radicals that have damaging effect on cellular structures Such as RNA, DNA, cell walls. This will lead to chronic disease unless stopped. Emotional stress can be addressed with things such as relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises, meditation and yoga. Physical stress involves an adjustment in the activity causing the stress. Generally, any strenuous activity lasting more than 45 minutes will raise cortisol levels. So moderate exercise is healthier.
Another area where free radicals can sneak up is your drinking water. As mentioned earlier, if you’re using bottled water, many contain phthalates and bisphenol A from the plastic bottles. Tapwater contains lead, mercury, chloride, fluoride, arsenic, and many more possibilities depending on where you live. The easiest way to decrease unwanted toxins is a filter. If you can afford it, a three phase whole house system is best. The minimum would be something like a Britta or similar filter to get most of the heavy metals out. I got one step above. I start with a brother for my first pass filtering then use a higher grade filter called Clearly Filtered as a second pass. Clearly Filtered takes more out of water than just a Britta. By doing this process I don’t get any chemical taste in the water which is what I like.
If you follow these recommendations, you will decrease your free radical exposure significantly but not 100%. We cannot avoid free radicals totally nor do we want to totally count them out. Free radicals do have some function in health. It is the over abundance that we need to control.
Remember, to take control of your free radicals, you need to know your antioxidant score. Get your carotenoids scan today. Call Everybody’s Health - 513-390- 0778.


What’s News in Everybody’s Health

Hopefully by now you have had your initial scan to check the starting point of your antioxidant protection. Also, you should be, either by eating healthier and/or supplements, increasing the size of your antioxidant army to protect you from most chronic diseases. You will want to get a second scan after two months of making these changes to see how much you have changed and see if adjustments are necessary.
As I have mentioned, your body is being bombarded by free radicals. Things like UV light, air pollution, ionizing radiation, EMR, smoking, inflammation, emotional and physical stress and more. Overtime your risk for cellular and organ damage goes up and you’re free radical defense system can’t handle the level of attack. As a result organ damage developes and diseases start. For example, the collagen of your skin gets weaker with free radical exposure and your skin gets more wrinkled. Another example is the walls of your arteries get damage by free radicals. This allows cholesterol plaques to build up reducing The blood flow to the heart, brain, and other organs. As you can see, free radicals have become a major cause of chronic diseases and is getting worse as time goes by.
The second phase involves decreasing the free radical attack on your bodies as much as possible so our protective army of antioxidant warriors don’t get overrun. The first step in this phase should be to take a look at your diet and start reading product labels. If you are consuming prepackaged foods (not frozen) then you are taking in chemicals that will lead to free radicals. Preservatives, dyes, sugars, fillers contribute to free radicals. A home cooked Mediterranean diet is one of your better choices. Plastic drinking bottles contain phthalates and bisphenol A which are a major problem as free radicals. They are also in many skin care products. Next, look at your cleaning products. Many contain chemicals that can cause free radicals. Switch to natural cleaning solutions as much as possible. If you smoke, that is a big problem. Smokers have some of the lowest base levels of carotenoids ( you’re special forces). Do everything you can to stop. Other causes of free radicals are UV light, air pollution, EMR, ionizing radiation, and others. If not stopped, this process leads to DNA, RNA, and cellular damage. The bigger picture is inflammation , organ damage, disease and aging.
Next time we will continue with our free radical cleansing process. Remember, to take control of your free radicals. You need to know your antioxidants score. Get your carotenoids scan today. Call Everybody’s Health 513 - 390-0778.


What’s News in Everybody’s Health

As I mentioned in the last addition, we are going to discuss a two phase process to increase our protection from disease and improve our health. The first phase is to increase the size of our special forces ( antioxidants). The first step of that phase should be to check the initial size of your original force of carotenoids. As I have stated before, this is done by having a non-invasive scan of the fat pad of your hand. An easy office procedure that takes about two minutes to perform. That is your starting point. In this country, 94% have failed. The next step of this phase is to start building up your special forces that attack the abundance of the free radicals invading our bodies.
You will remember the special forces call carotenoids come from the brightly colored fruits and vegetables we are supposed to be eating. About nine Dash 12 servings a day. That is The amount necessary to raise your carotenoid score to the range necessary to protect our bodies. They should also be the organic variety and try to consume a variety of colors to get in the various carotenoids. There are more than 600 different types of carotenoids. Some common ones include alpha carotene, beta Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, lycopene. Foods rich in carotenoids include yams, kale, spinach, watermelon, cantaloupe, bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, mangoes,and oranges.
Sounds easy enough or is it? First, are you serving size is 4-6 oz. that equals one cup of raw or cooked fruits and vegetables, for 1/2 cup of legumes, or 3 cups of leafy greens. Multiply any combination of those times 10. Make sure they are organic to decrease the free radical rich chemicals that are used to grow conventional foods. Unless you are juicing, how many of you: can consume that in addition to your other foods, afford to buy all that organic produce, have the time to prepare all that food? I think a more reasonable alternative would be to incorporate as many servings of carotenoids rich foods in your diet as you can and make up the balance with supplements. A major problem with supplements is that so many contain unnecessary fillers or nutrients that are not bio available. This is where the scanner can be of help. Since it measures any source of carotenoids, foods or supplements, he can tell you if the plan is working. By incorporating supplements, you can get your score up faster as long as they are absorbed.
Next time we will discuss phase 2 of this plan. Remember, this plan starts with your initial scan to get a starting point. So call Everybody’s Health at 513-390-0778 to start your program of protection and anti-aging.


What’s News in Everybody’s Health

Healthy in 2021
In the last edition of W N E H, we discussed how the current pandemic has increased many individuals concerned about their health, what steps they need to take to improve their health and safety. We are now going through a worldwide program to get people vaccinated. So is that all you need to do- get your shot and you’re good to go. According to CDC literature,NO. First, after you get your shots, it takes 4 to 6 weeks before you have full immunity. After that, you’re not done. They are not sure yet I need to continue studying the vaccines, they believe the immunity will last 2 to 3 years. But, they feel it is very likely the vaccine will need to be given yearly. Similar to the flu shot.
Do you want to take a Covid shot every year? Even though this version is supposed to be 95% effective, that doesn’t mean future versions will be as the virus mutates. The flu vaccine is generally 40 to 60% effective. Or do you want to take control or do you want to take control of your own health. As you can see, even if you decide to take the flu shot, there is no guarantee that you will not get the flu. As Cove it mutates, and it will, there is no guarantee you are safe from getting the virus. A better choice, even with the vaccine, to protect yourself from this illness as well as most of the major diseases that plague this country is to become active in your health and strength in your immune system.
Over the next few additions ofW N E H, I will outline some of the steps we all can take to improve our health. This will be a two phase approach. The first phase will be to increase the size of our special forces (antioxidants) . These are called carotenoids income from the bright color of ripe fruits and vegetables. The second phase is to illuminate as many of the free radicals as possible.
Part of phase 1 is to check the size of your crinoid army that you are starting with. Call Everybody’s Health at 390 - 0778 to set up a noninvasive test today.


What’s News in Everybody’s Health

“Hear yea. Hear yea. Read all about. it “

Did that get your attention? Good! A big item in the news is the rollout of the new Covid -19 vaccines. Yes there are two vaccines. One developed by Pfizer and the other by Moderna. While this should be welcome news to all of us, I think we should approach with a word of caution as we should with any new medication. All medication has potential side effects and vaccines are no exceptions. Most were minor in nature. Local site reactions, headaches, fever etc. that could be treated as outpatient. There were a few allergic reactions require a more intense treatment and monitoring in the hospital. In great Britain, there was reported a few cases of Bell’s palsy, a paralysis of the body. They are reversed in a few weeks. Bottom line, do your own research before deciding so you’re not surprised if something happens.
It is my belief as well as many other health professionals that we should be putting more emphasis on building up our immune system to protect us from disease. The current status of the immune system for the majority of the population of this country as well as elsewhere is very poor. This can be attributed to our diet as well as external effects from plastics, pollution, EMR, pesticides and many other causes of free radicals that attack our bodies.
As far as COVID-19, there has been a lot published about the benefits of vitamin D3. A mountain of research from around the world has painted a clear picture that infected patients who do not have enough vitamin D are more likely to end up in the hospital. A study from northern Spain show that patient deficient in vitamin D were four times likely to end up in the hospital. A university of Chicago study found patients were 60% higher rate of COVID-19 among patients with low vitamin D.
The question is how much vitamin D is needed to reach therapeutic levels in the blood. There has been a lot of controversy as far as what is therapeutic, what is safe, and what is low. A recent (2 April 2020) review article in Nutrients outlined these parameters. “ To reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended that people at risk of influenza and/or COVID-19 consider taking 10,000 IU/D a vitamin D3 for a few weeks to rapidly raise 25(OH)D concentrations, followed by 5000 IU/D. The goal should be to raise 25(OH)D concentration above 40 -60 ng/ml (100-150 neoliberals/L). It is also recommended to have your vitamin D level checked before and 2 to 3 months after starting therapy.
Here at Everybody’s Health we take your Health one step further. We can test an important part of your immune system, antioxidants, with a non-invasive test. If you are deficient, 94% of the people tested are, then we can make recommendations to boost your antioxidants.

Call today to get tested to improve your health and your families health.


What’s News in Everybody’s Health

We recently discussed that the underlying cause of many major diseases in our body is inflammation. Also, recent medical science has discovered that the primary cars in this information is free radicals - The angry oxygen Pac-Man going around and gobbling up cells. We discussed that one way to stop this is with antioxidants and that Everybody’s Health Has a non-invasive medical device that can measure antioxidants. Contact Everybody’s Health at…… For more information.
The other part of the equation is controlling the amount of free radicals in our body. In order to do that we have to know where the free radicals come from. We will spend the next few issues identifying the source of the free radicals that plague the human body. But, before we get into that somewhat technical stuff, there is a point I wish to make. Let’s face it, if you want to protect your body from the preventable premature aging and death then you really need to take control of your own health. You cannot put everything in the hands of a physician because they do not have enough time anymore. You need to become a label reader of what you put into your body. Many other foods we buy actually contain toxic substances or promote poor health. As a general rule, if a food label has a list of ingredients that is more than a few words or words you cannot pronounce or understand, then you probably need to put it back. The easiest way to make sure your food isn’t full of chemicals is to buy organic fresh whole foods. I know this is not always possible, but an occasional transgression is not generally going to cause long-term damage. It is the daily habits that get us into trouble. We have a garbage removal system (our liver and lymph nodes) and an immune system that can usually handle the occasional transgression. It is when we overload those systems with substances not meant to be in our bodies that become a problem.
Next time we will start to talk about some of those substances to help give you a guide. But remember, it all starts with a scan!
Set up your time to get scanned so you know where to start. Call……